Committing and Submitting To My Lord and Savior

I am learning to stay committed to keeping God first in my life, with my choices and in my morning. My passion for wanting more of Him and wanting to please Him has pushed me to being more consistent in reading my word and praying daily . I have become even more bold in myContinue reading “Committing and Submitting To My Lord and Savior”

God fill me up on PEACE, FREEDOM and FAITH…..

I drove to New Jersey this morning and filled up at my usual gas station. I was greeted by an older woman name Ms. Gina. Her energy and spirit matched mine, which is pretty rare considering it was about 7 or 8 in the morning and people are usually grumpy until they swallow their thirdContinue reading “God fill me up on PEACE, FREEDOM and FAITH…..”

The Blessings before our eyes…

Myself and my spiritual sister decided to take a road trip to Tennessee to disconnect from the world, reconnect with God and indulge in some much needed rest. We rented a small little cottage that sat in the middle of a farm. It was nothing but acres of land, farm animals and breath taking viewsContinue reading “The Blessings before our eyes…”