Seeking Him

With my whole heart I seek you; Let me not wander from you commandments!

Psalm 119:10

Change of plans…..

Every year for the past several years me and my quality friend would spend and celebrate our birthdays together. Yes! You read correctly “my quality friend”. Calling her my best friend would probably be an insult because she possesses more quality than a “best friend”. This was my spiritual sister, my prayer warrior, my confidant, my heart matched, my cheerleader and so much more!

This year I had it on my heart to go on a “spiritual retreat” road trip for my birthday….Alone. I mean my birthdays were always special; getting spoiled with massages, dinner at my favorite restaurant but I knew I was entering chapter 36 of my life and I needed MORE! More of God, More peace, more clarity, more direction in all areas of my life.

So I submitted my time off request without pay since I depleted all of my personal and paid vacation days at work. I think it’s even safe to say I was moving by faith with this one. I purchased my ticket to see the play NOAH at the sights and sounds theater in Branson Missouri. I booked my hotels in Missouri, and in Ohio. I reserved my rental car. Some may call it silly making all these plans without receiving my time off approval from the H.R. department but I called this strong and bold faith.  With this one I KNEW GOD would see my sacrifice, I knew he would say “Aww my daughter really wants to get to know me and experience me on an intimate level”. He made a way……

I must say that my spiritual retreat was everything I hoped for everything I needed and more. I feel refreshed mentally, physically, emotionally and most important spiritually. I definitely plan on taking more trips with him and disconnecting from the world. I know this would be essential to my spiritual growth.

Would you spend your birthday with the one who blessed you to see another birthday?

What are you willing to give up for a day that you are used to doing, for God? You know he is more than worthy whatever that may be.

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