Firm in Faith……

Welcome my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. It gives me great Joy to have you here and to be able to Connect with God’s Children. My name is Natasha and I had it on my heart to start a blog on my Journey with Faith. I’m sure this site can be of good use to anyone who is working on keeping faith, building faith, or struggling with their faith. You may have been completely taken by doubt and limited from walking into your divine purpose because of fear, please do not feel alone.

How can I benefit and be an encouragement to others during their walk of faith while writing my thoughts, struggles, doubt, trials and journey down in a journal? Truthfully; a journal that will probably never leave my home and get into the hands of someone who is struggling with their walk, struggling with knowing who God really is. I have created this blog for anyone and everyone who needs encouragement especially during a time of discouragement.

I pray that this blog can be useful to you or you may have stopped in for prayer request. Just know I am glad you are here whether you have a church home or are still looking for one. Whether you have a relationship with your Lord and savior or looking to rekindle what you once had or you are seeking to get to know more about him. I am not perfect so there are days that my faith wavers just like anyone else. I just have to constantly remind myself that if God has done it before, he is more than capable of doing it again. I want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect to serve a perfect God. Just be you and continue to seek him with ALL of your heart……

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